How To Use Preset in Alight Motion(Free Download in 2024

Become familiar with Alight Motion’s preset usage. Find out how using Alight Motion’s presets can improve the quality of your video editing experience.

Use this tutorial on utilizing presets in Alight Motion to explore the wonder of video editing. 

The well-liked video editing program Alight Motion enables producers to add animated transitions and dynamic effects quickly and transitions to their projects.

Although becoming proficient in editing takes time, presets can greatly speed up your creative process. 

Presets are pre-made effects and tweaks that you may immediately apply to your film. You can easily create complex effects by using presets. You can produce remarkable outcomes with only a few clicks while saving time and effort.

How to Use Presets on Alight Motion?

  • It’s simple to improve your films and add flair and creativity using
  • presets in Alight Motion. You may help by taking the ensuing actions.
  • Step 1: Access the presets.
  • On your device, you must launch Alight Motion.
  • Start a brand-new project or begin the one you want.
  • Toggle between the “Effects” and “Presets” tabs.

  • Step 2: Browse and Make a Decision
  • You can look through the styles and effects-organized presets that are currently available.
  • Previewing each preset before using it on your video is the best action.
  • When you find a preset that matches your vision, you can click on it to use it for your project.
  • Step 3: Adjust and Customize
  • Once used, the preset can be further modified.
  • You have access to a wide range of sliders and choices. You can change things like the intensity of the colors, how quickly things move, and how one scene flows into the next.
  • View your modifications in real-time to ensure they adhere to your artistic intent.
  • Step 5: Export and Save
  • Your undertaking will

How Presets Can Improve Your Videos

The use of presets in Alight Motion goes beyond simply saving time. The following are some examples of how presets can be useful:

  • Consistency: Using presets ensures that your video has a consistent visual style throughout, making it appear professional and polished
  • Efficiency: Presets eliminate the need to manually adjust every detail of the image, allowing you to concentrate on the creative part of the editing process.
  • Creativity: Presets allow you to start editing from scratch without wasting time, freeing up your mental resources for more advanced editing.
Advantages of Using Presets

Using presets in Alight Motion offers several advantages that can significantly enhance your video editing experience:

  • Efficiency Beyond Measure

A precious gem and an elusive wisp coexist in the labyrinth of video editing. No doubt presets, those pre-crafted configurations of effects and adjustments, are the key to unlocking unparalleled efficiency.

It allows you to focus on weaving narratives and crafting visual tales that captivate your audience instead of being distracted by the tedious process of manual adjustments.

  • A Symphony of Consistency

The videos you create could be viewed as different chapters in a grand saga but with a consistent visual theme running throughout.

A symphony of coherence is orchestrated by presets, the virtuoso conductors. You can create a recognizable visual identity for your videos by using the same presets across all your creations

  • Creative Exploration Unleashed

There are no limits to the creativity that can be unleashed with presets. A visual explorer can easily experiment with various styles and effects.

It is easy to step out of your comfort zone with various presets at your fingertips and indulge in the ecstasy of experimentation. The digital spells you use here will transport you to imaginative heights you may not have conceived of before.

  • A Helping Hand for Beginners

A novice venturing into the video editing field can be imagined as embarking on a journey of discovery. There may be difficulties along the way, but we will guide you.

The presets provide a gentle nudge, a starting point for those embarking on this creative journey for the first time.

These magical tools provide a tangible illustration of the artistry that can be achieved, empowering beginners to confidently embark upon their artistic journey.

  • The Elegance of Quick Transformation

Presets are like a magician’s wand; they transform raw footage into polished masterpieces with a wrist flick.

A Helping Hand for Beginners 1

Presets are like a magician’s wand; they transform raw footage into polished masterpieces with a wrist flick.

You can instantly create captivating visual tales using color grading, transitions, and effects. You enjoy watching your vision come to life within the blink of an eye during this swift metamorphosis.


It is true. I can create cohesive photos and videos by applying my presets to Lightroom or my LUTS (coming soon) to Final Cut Pro. I recommend popping it into Lightroom for a few preset plays and letting me know your thoughts.

Creating and saving your own presets for Alight Motion is possible, tailored to your editing habits.

The presets you save with your project can be imported and applied seamlessly across various devices once your project has been saved.


The presets, which are pre-crafted arrangements of effects and adjustments, are the key to unlocking a world of efficiency.

Using presets frees creators from the labyrinthine tangle of manual adjustments, allowing them to concentrate on creating narratives that captivate the senses and capture the imagination.

The advantages of using preset in Alight Motion are far-reaching, touching upon time efficiency, creative potential, visual enhancement, and more.

Whether you are a novice looking to easily create compelling videos or an experienced editor seeking to streamline your workflow, presets provide a toolbox of possibilities.

Embrace the power of presets and witness the transformation of your video editing journey into a realm of limitless creativity and efficiency